Thursday, April 1, 2010

obsession: wool floppy hat

i think i first saw the big floppy hat on an episode of gossip girl (season 1, i believe). serena was wearing a big gray hat while sitting on a bench in the rain, and i think she had tall equestrian boots on, too. unfortunately, i can't find a pic.... but that was when i first thought, "hey, i might wear a hat like that!"

then they started popping up on blogs.... jane aldridge from sea of shoes bought one from american apparel in several different colors, and i was smitten!

looove it! it's so 70s vintage. now it's apparently a celebrity trend, but not a full-blown trend. i haven't seen any actual people wear it yet.

pic: fabsugar

pic: fabsugar

now i'm convinced that i NEED one. definitely on my list for april (and now that it's officially april, i have $50 i can spend... :) this is the one i'm looking at:

listed on ebay for about $20

i really thought about gray, but this color is sweet. it would punch up boring winter outfits, and look pretty in the spring and summer. plus, can't you see it with dark berry lipstick? awesome.

never really considered myself a "hat person." i think it's about time to change that, especially since i never style my hair anyway, ha. 

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