Thursday, June 17, 2010

nude dress + red lips= amazing

how do you keep a nude-colored dress from being boring? behold the awesome power of red lipstick. i think you could wear a members-only jacket and a permed side ponytail, and no one would notice if you had on red lipstick.

i bought a nude dress from goodwill last month... and i have red lipstick. too bad i don't have any where to wear these amazing things.... is that too much for church?

Friday, June 11, 2010

the happiest little bonsai tree (and friend)

on the way home from church last week, daniel and i saw a little old man selling various sizes of bonsai trees on the side of the road. um, awesome! why is it that anything miniature is cute? bonsai trees, babies, travel-size bottles of shampoo.... 

i acquired the bamboo plant yesterday at another estate sale i worked at. the irony is that this lady was selling all of her earthly possessions in order to rid herself of the threat of materialism. which of course transferred the materialism to me. i wanted everything in her house.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

new acquisition: floppy hat!!

ok, so i didn't end up buying the wine-colored floppy hat that i've had my eye on for weeks. i think i like mine much better though, because it's not wool, which means i can wear it whenever. summer or winter. maybe. i don't know about the winter part, but my hat has a much better chance since it's not straw. i'm not really feeling the straw.

cute, right? target, $14.99

the flower is my favorite part!

lucky me, my parents (and my friend eleni- thanks eleni!) got me a target gift card for my birthday, and there are just so many possibilities! clothes, jewelry, shoes, makeup, house goods, electronics..... ahhh! what to choose, what to choose. the first $14.99 was easy to spend, though.

oh, just for good measure, here's yet another inspiration picture of a girl in an awesome floppy hat. this is the last one, i promise.

 this hat makes me want to sing, "doe, a deer, a female deer...."