Sunday, February 28, 2010

the macaron is the new cupcake

oh geez, i hope so. actually i just made that up. is anyone else really tired of pictures of cupcakes on blogs these days? no offense to anyone who's obsessed (cupcakes and cashmere is still one of my favorite blogs ever!), i guess they're just not things i end up craving. or maybe i've just never had a really good one, ha i don't know.

but i not too long ago found out about macaroons (macaron in french). maybe first from the cherry blossom girl (she is french, after all) and recently from homerun ballerina. holy moly, have you SEEN these things?? i've never had one, so i don't know how they taste, but i can sure guess. they look heavenly.





the first three are from homerun ballerina. the last one... umm i forgot. but i'm DYING to try that pale green one (big surprise). pistachio, i think. yesterday i used The Magic Google to find a café in nashville (where i live) that makes macarons, and i found a good one! yup, my husband and i are definitely going there for this week's date night (every thursday night!). soooo excited. i hope it's not one of those things like scones that sound really amazing, but are really just glorified biscuits.

more to come about the macarons!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

currently obsessed with....

yellow: urban outfitters (now out of stock.... i bought it on clearance for $9.99, waiting anxiously for days, then got an e-mail saying they were out of stock.... boo. i'll show you my alternative version tomorrow).
blue: second skin. bahh i NEED that dress. i love the combo of that color blue and little dainty flowers....
purple & yellow: i think this came from i don't know, but what i know is that this chick is awesome for mixing her crazy flower patterns! i love it. this is one of the first times i'd seen floral mixing and totally had a lightbulb moment. somehow it works.

actually, this pic may have been the first time i spotted floral mixing on an actual person. isn't it awesome?? this is blogger kasmira from

top r: miu miu
bottom l: lanvin

ok, i know nude dresses are very hot right now. but my obsession goes a little futher than nude- nude satin! so pretty and luxurious.... kind of like a silky nightgown, only way classier. that kate bosworth outfit is so inspiring. i think i've gone back to look at it about 147 times since i found it. i love the combination of metallics- champagne, rose gold, and copper. i really need to try this soon.

and lastly....

top r: doori

i call these "medium" blue dresses because i don't know what else to call this shade. it's not cobalt, or royal blue, or navy. it's like a supernatural combination of all three. i really love it. and you may have noticed that the dress from second skin in the floral collage is the same-ish color.... ahhh i love it. my favorite may be the doori picture, with the beautiful combination of blues. maybe periwinkle and medium blue? i saw a dress at ross a couple of days ago that mixed 2 similar colors and came this close to buying it, until i remembered.... oh yeah, i've already spent most of my money for march, and it's still february! yup, better give it a rest. but i fully intend on going back to ross to try on the dress. in march....

oh, and have you noticed that in 2 of these blue dress pictures, they've paired their outfit with cognac accessories? i was definitely obsessed with cognac this fall- bought an awesome bag similar to alexa chung's, and tall riding boots. they go with everything.

Friday, February 26, 2010

new acquisition: perfect green bag

dear jessica simpson,

thank you for designing the most perfect green bag i have ever seen. i'm sorry i ever doubted your styling abilities.

lemon chiffon
isn't it great?? i found it at marshall's a couple weeks ago marked down from $108 to $39.99.... well i also had a $25 gift card! so i really got this for only $15.... or at least that's what i told my husband. this really is great, though, because pale green is my favorite color, and it is so hard finding a bag that's the exact right shade. plus it's such a unique design. 

good job, jessica.

this was my inspiration, by the way- mary kate olsen. what a lovely pastel green.