Sunday, February 28, 2010

the macaron is the new cupcake

oh geez, i hope so. actually i just made that up. is anyone else really tired of pictures of cupcakes on blogs these days? no offense to anyone who's obsessed (cupcakes and cashmere is still one of my favorite blogs ever!), i guess they're just not things i end up craving. or maybe i've just never had a really good one, ha i don't know.

but i not too long ago found out about macaroons (macaron in french). maybe first from the cherry blossom girl (she is french, after all) and recently from homerun ballerina. holy moly, have you SEEN these things?? i've never had one, so i don't know how they taste, but i can sure guess. they look heavenly.





the first three are from homerun ballerina. the last one... umm i forgot. but i'm DYING to try that pale green one (big surprise). pistachio, i think. yesterday i used The Magic Google to find a café in nashville (where i live) that makes macarons, and i found a good one! yup, my husband and i are definitely going there for this week's date night (every thursday night!). soooo excited. i hope it's not one of those things like scones that sound really amazing, but are really just glorified biscuits.

more to come about the macarons!

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