Saturday, February 27, 2010

currently obsessed with....

yellow: urban outfitters (now out of stock.... i bought it on clearance for $9.99, waiting anxiously for days, then got an e-mail saying they were out of stock.... boo. i'll show you my alternative version tomorrow).
blue: second skin. bahh i NEED that dress. i love the combo of that color blue and little dainty flowers....
purple & yellow: i think this came from i don't know, but what i know is that this chick is awesome for mixing her crazy flower patterns! i love it. this is one of the first times i'd seen floral mixing and totally had a lightbulb moment. somehow it works.

actually, this pic may have been the first time i spotted floral mixing on an actual person. isn't it awesome?? this is blogger kasmira from

top r: miu miu
bottom l: lanvin

ok, i know nude dresses are very hot right now. but my obsession goes a little futher than nude- nude satin! so pretty and luxurious.... kind of like a silky nightgown, only way classier. that kate bosworth outfit is so inspiring. i think i've gone back to look at it about 147 times since i found it. i love the combination of metallics- champagne, rose gold, and copper. i really need to try this soon.

and lastly....

top r: doori

i call these "medium" blue dresses because i don't know what else to call this shade. it's not cobalt, or royal blue, or navy. it's like a supernatural combination of all three. i really love it. and you may have noticed that the dress from second skin in the floral collage is the same-ish color.... ahhh i love it. my favorite may be the doori picture, with the beautiful combination of blues. maybe periwinkle and medium blue? i saw a dress at ross a couple of days ago that mixed 2 similar colors and came this close to buying it, until i remembered.... oh yeah, i've already spent most of my money for march, and it's still february! yup, better give it a rest. but i fully intend on going back to ross to try on the dress. in march....

oh, and have you noticed that in 2 of these blue dress pictures, they've paired their outfit with cognac accessories? i was definitely obsessed with cognac this fall- bought an awesome bag similar to alexa chung's, and tall riding boots. they go with everything.

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