Wednesday, June 9, 2010

new acquisition: floppy hat!!

ok, so i didn't end up buying the wine-colored floppy hat that i've had my eye on for weeks. i think i like mine much better though, because it's not wool, which means i can wear it whenever. summer or winter. maybe. i don't know about the winter part, but my hat has a much better chance since it's not straw. i'm not really feeling the straw.

cute, right? target, $14.99

the flower is my favorite part!

lucky me, my parents (and my friend eleni- thanks eleni!) got me a target gift card for my birthday, and there are just so many possibilities! clothes, jewelry, shoes, makeup, house goods, electronics..... ahhh! what to choose, what to choose. the first $14.99 was easy to spend, though.

oh, just for good measure, here's yet another inspiration picture of a girl in an awesome floppy hat. this is the last one, i promise.

 this hat makes me want to sing, "doe, a deer, a female deer...."


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