Monday, March 1, 2010

new acquisition: brown oxfords

after a serious day of studying last week, i wandered over to ross (which is dangerously close to the coffee stop i frequent) just to clear my head. and earlier that day, i had been looking at the new issue of lucky, which included pictures of brown leather oxfords.... again. i've been wanting a vintage-looking pair for a long time.... so imagine my surprise when i found these steve maddens for $16.99.... umm what?? at first i could only find a size 6, which i definitely am not, then a size 7, which i could barely stuff my feet into. at last, a size 7.5! usually i'm an 8, but these fit pretty well! sooo excited.

these are great because my go-to pair of gold flats don't really cover a lot of my foot.... and i think they look stupid with socks, especially since none of my socks match anymore. sigh. i need to purchase some new ones, but really, who wants to go sock shopping??


cute, right? i kinda surprised myself by liking these shoes.... kind of preppy for me. i usually gravitate towards hippie/ethnic things (even though i hate the word "ethnic".... what does that even mean?? isn't everything ethnic?). 


to celebrate, my very first outfit post! this is what i wore to class this morning. my college has a very strict dress code- knee-length skirts or dresses and dress shoes. at first i hated it, now.... not so much! my closet thanks me. i have seriously accumulated tons of beautiful dresses and skirts. and i think i will continue to wear and buy them, even after i graduate in 2 months!!

dress: old navy (thrifted)
jacket: jordache from walmart like 5 years ago....
shoes: steve madden from ross- $16.99!

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