Thursday, August 12, 2010

new acquisition: bright cobalt bag

oh, you thought those new york inspiration pics were colorless and drab? well i didn't mention the best part: my new awesome cross-body bag! (thanks, honey!)

forever 21, $34.80

my husband bought this for me for our 2nd anniversary! awwwww..... i think i'm gonna wait until our trip to bust it out, though, so it'll be even that much more exciting :). i'll always think of it as my new york bag. silly, i know.

so i wanted this bag sooo much because i thought it would be easy to wear neutral (but interesting) pieces in nyc and use the same bag every day for a pop of color. wanna know my inspiration for this color scheme?

roxy olin from "the city"

did you see that episode? i know there was a lot of drama going on (when is there not??), but all i could think about was her awesome blueness against her black clothes. and check it out, she's even in a very picturesque new york scene- in front of a yellow taxi cab! how appropriate.

oh, and did i mention that it's a cross-body bag? perfect for traipsing around town. and for keeping my junk from getting stolen :S....

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