Saturday, August 14, 2010

outfit post: hot red

i should probably call this my "estate sale" look. i'm wearing the belt and shoes from my last post, and a crazy bright shirt that we all had to wear at the estate sale one weekend.

shirt: uhh, my cousin said, "wear this!"
white jeans: walmart (2009)
belt: estate sale
shoes: estate sale

silver coin necklace: the "pirates of the carribean ride" from tokyo disneyland :)
gold watch necklace: disney for walmart

why didn't i think to put these 2 necklaces together sooner? duh. they're perfect. i like mixing metals in an outfit, because then i can wear either gold or silver shoes. 

as for this crazy shirt, i'm not sure i've ever worn a color like this before.... i avoid hot pink like it's the devil, but this isn't exactly hot pink.... it's like those "red" florescent highlighters.... hot red, maybe? hot coral? i don't know, i've kind of warmed up to it a bit. i even wore it one day this week when i didn't have to for work!

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