Wednesday, August 18, 2010

new acquisition: canvas backpack

i never thought i'd be lusting after.... a backpack. especially since i've finally just now finished my schooling career. i should not be wanting corduroys, new clicky pens, pretty agendas, and backpacks! i'm getting too old for silly things like that.... ha :).

regardless, i still have been wanting one ever since i saw the one in the urban outfitters' summer catalog:

kimchi blue backpack, $68

but $68? for something as trendy as a backpack? definitely not. i usually don't spend more than $30 on anything, much less on something that may be totally dorky in a couple months. 

so what i ended up doing was typing in "canvas backpack" on ebay, and found this amazing bag!

you can wear it as a messenger bag, which is pretty darn cute:

or you can fasten the straps at different places and wear it as a backpack!

isn't that a perfect solution? so when the whole military thing gets passe, i can just wear it as a cute, functional messenger bag! or i can wear it to go hiking, camping, whatever! i'm so glad i bought this for right at $30 on ebay, instead of $68 from uo! yikes.

so when i get sick of the whole utilitarian look, i'm thinking about pinning on tons of sparkly brooches. fun, right?

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