Monday, January 3, 2011

do more, dream less

that's my new year's resolution, in case you were wondering. i've been MIA for the past several months because 1) i couldn't find my camera, and 2) it was easier to plan all the fabulous outfits i was going to wear than to actual work up the courage to wear them. lame, i know.

but anyway, here we are in a new year and i'm sick of only dreaming about the awesome things i'm going to do. this year, i'm actually going to do them. my first step was buying a $5 wall mirror from walmart, so i can actually see the proportions of my outfit. how have i lived 2 and a half years without one?? the full-length mirror also makes it easier to take pictures of myself, as i'm not yet one of those super-cool bloggers who get their husbands (who just happen to moonlight as professional photographers) to take their pictures every day in front of a mountain in the backdrop. baby steps guys, baby steps.

ok, here goes. this is what i decided to wear to work and to go to a movie tonight with some friends. i don't like to wear jeans (if i can help it) to teach my music lessons, but i also like to be comfortable and decent, since i see elementary kids all day long.

shirt (it's really a dress): vintage
olive cargo pants: thrifted
boots: forever 21

aren't these boots great? i've been looking for the perfect pair of lace-up boots in a warm brown color with a bigger, stacked heel. i have entirely too many stiletto heels in my life. the chunky heel makes them super comfortable, and they go with everything.

my aunt just bought me this cool vintage (inspired) marcasite necklace for christmas. i love marcasite! kind of vintage and tough-looking at the same time. and the cute little key necklace came from my husband for christmas last year. it's the closest to tiffany's i'll probably ever get in this lifetime ;). i think it was $10 at walmart last year lol.

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