Monday, January 10, 2011

infinity scarf

for christmas, my very silly husband wanted a very silly hat from etsy. it was a knitted beanie with an attached beard and mustache (also knitted). well, the cheapskate in me was skeptical of spending $30+ on a novelty gift that he may or may not have actually worn. so i undertook a top-secret project....

to make one myself! my mom taught me one measly crochet stitch when i was 7, so i figured that knowledge (combined with the magical powers of google) would be enough! well, it was rough and i had to start over three times, but i finally produced something i wasn't too embarrassed of.

well, after that rekindled relationship with crochet, i thought i would try something harder. well actually, i just had a huge ball of camel-colored yarn left over, and felt bad for it collecting dust in my "craft" closet....

so i made this! (good thing camel's so hot this season, huh?)

scarf: handmade!
cardigan: walmart
floral shirt: walmart

for the crochet pattern i used, click here. the pattern's not actually for an infinity scarf, but all i had to do was crochet the two ends together- bada bing, bada boom --> infinity scarf!

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