Thursday, January 20, 2011

inspired by: marilyn, not jackie

while i was holed up at home sick all last week, i watched a lot of netflix. and i do mean a lot. i started watching the "pushing daisies" series (which is fabulous, by the way), and more importantly, my first marilyn monroe movie! i know, i know, shame on me for never watching one before. but seriously, i never understood the world's fascination with her. but i had nothing better to do last week, alone on the couch, so i thought what the heck.

it was "gentlemen prefer blondes", and of course, i loved it! i was mesmerized by the glamourous clothes and the rich, glossy red lipstick. oh, and this outfit (more specifically, the color combination):

in the movie, the colors were much richer gem tones....

don't you love the combo of teal, lavender, and navy?? i already love lavender and navy together, but i would've never thought to add teal. here's my (feeble) attempt:

shirt: target
belt (it's really a scarf): gift from mother-in-law.... i think from spain??
skirt: ralph lauren, thrifted of course!
shoes: somewhere in tokyo

the skirt and scarf around the waist reminded me of something princess jasmine would wear.... so i added my princess jasmine shoes! i bought these way back in 2006, and wore them all over tokyo. i still love them, but i kind of forget that i still own them. i need to break these out more often....

oh, and i also added red lipstick, of course! i never would've paired red lips with a green shirt either, but i don't hate it. if it's good enough for marilyn....

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