Thursday, January 6, 2011

a truly gritty outfit

only i, ever obsessed with aesthetics, could go see "true grit", a bang-em-up shoot-em-up western, and come away with inspiration for an outfit. that's how lame and superficial i am. ah, well. good for the ol' blog, i reckon.

do you see that jacket/belt combo?? i'm partial to the drab color of the jacket paired with the warmer color of the leather belt.

ok, my turn:

jacket: another ugly college choir outfit.... it had a matching skirt but i lost it
belt: thrifted
t-shirt: target
skirt: my mother....?
beads: ??
boots: forever 21

you know what pairs great with a western-inspired outfit? rugged boots, of course!

i'm kinda diggin it. of course, you could wear any kind of bottom with this look- jeans, cords, a maxi skirt, my new red pants i just found at goodwill.... here's another take on it:

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