Tuesday, January 4, 2011

no, it's not a sheer nightgown

i got this dress from my husband for my 21st birthday last year. somehow, he always does a great job at picking out dresses for me. but when i opened it in front of my family at my birthday party, it seriously looked like a see-through nightie haha. i'm pretty sure that's what everyone thought until i (very loudly) thanked him for the dress. can you imagine if he had given me a nightgown for bed in front of my parents? (turning red right now, just thinking about it....)

dress: gift from husband (via ross?)
pants: target (girls' section!)
boots: charlotte russe
belt: ross (it came attached to a shirt i really wanted!)
cardigan: target

my necklace actually used to be an earring.... my friend from college bought these for me in japan at a recycle shop (that's what second-hand stores are called in japan.... cool, right?). but somewhere between japan and here, she misplaced one of them. no problem, i said. it'll still make a friggin sweet necklace! isn't she cute? another friend of mine thought i was a catholic with a saint around my neck.... only if she can be the saint of glamour.

it seems as though i'm in a sentimental mood today.... i keep wearing all these gifted things from people. the "love" ring is from my baby sister who bought it in a toy dispenser. it's plastic, it's cute, and it makes me miss her because she lives in japan.... 

the other ring is from target and it's not sentimental at all. 

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