Wednesday, January 19, 2011

it's here!!

finally, the world's most perfect floral dress just arrived in the mail today! to give you the back story, i've been looking for a vintage-inspired navy blue dress with lavender and pink flowers for a long time. does that sound random or what? i've seriously scoured the internet (and every thrift store) for one for about a year. and then lo and behold, i finally found it.... where else? forever 21! weird....

bah! i can't get over how perfect it is. don't you love it when you finally find the perfect piece your wardrobe has been missing? i'm such a sucker for floral dresses with sleeves that have flouncy, knee-length skirts. that shape is great for my petite shape.

in case you wanna know, i found a couple other navy with purple and pink floral options. i seriously thought about buying this skirt, but i'm so glad i waited for the f21 dress (which was even cheaper!):

skirt, express, $29.90

shorts, express, $34.90

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