Friday, January 7, 2011

new acquisitions: christmas edition!

some fashion-y things i got for christmas this year....

isn't it beautiful?? this thing is deceptive large. my parents-in-law totally surprised me with this for christmas. oh my goodness. i can't WAIT to wear a floral sundress and skip through the park lugging this baby. speaking of babies, i'm pretty sure i could fit one (or 3) in here. and i'm talking about the chubby ones, too.

i wish i could say my brother also surprised me with this gift, but actually i told him exactly what i wanted. if you haven't read the blog.... well, just read the blog. it's incredible. 

roll-up flats from my cuz! pretty sweet. actually, i don't know if they're street-worthy, because they feel more like slippers, but that's cool because i don't have any slippers! plus i really like anything that can be made smaller and fit inside a tiny bag. neat!

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