Tuesday, March 2, 2010

copycat: gray shirt & teal skirt

i was surfing some fashion blogs this morning and found this adorable dress from modcloth. i've never purchased anything from their website before, but all of their dresses are seriously adorable.... so adorable that i wouldn't mind saving up to buy one (fyi- i only allow myself $50 a month for random purchases. most of modcloth's dresses are a little more than that, but hey, i could wait for two months!)

here's a dress that totally caught my eye....

$89.99 at modcloth

isn't it adorable? love detailing on the neckline, and the awesome satin bow. as soon as i spotted this dress, it instantly reminded me of a pic i saved off of homerunballerina's blog (also february's lucky girl on luckymag.com):

right?? it's so spot on. the greens are slightly different, but it's definitely the same vibe. in fact, the clothes at modcloth seem like things that homerun ballerina would like. not that i'm an expert or anything....

if i had an extra $89.99 laying around (....oh yeah, plus shipping...) then i'd totally buy this dress! it would be perfect for my upcoming senior recital next month. or maybe i'll just do some goodwill-ing and find the separates....

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