Sunday, March 7, 2010

indian sari meets american blue jean

photo: ralph lauren spring 2010

just wanted to post a quick little inspirational post. isn't this great? i never thought that you could make denim look ethereal. love. yeah i know, again with the medium blue. i can't help it- it's like once i became obsessed with it, i see it everywhere! i know that doesn't only happen to me....

well, it's been a good weekend. i finished all of my program notes for my senior voice recital, which really takes a load off. my husband and i had fun watching several back-to-back episodes of "twin peaks", and he also introduced me to this bbc sitcom called "keeping up appearances." how have i never heard of this before?? it's hysterical. the series is about this pretentious middle-aged british lady who's completely full of herself and says the most ridiculous things to people. i have to laugh because i know a couple of people like this in real life (except for the british and middle-aged thing). except there's no laugh track in real life, and condescension definitely isn't funny, especially when it's directed towards you.

netflix is awesome, by the way.

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