Sunday, March 21, 2010

estate sale finds

i haven't posted anything in a few days because i've been so dead tired. it was supposed to be my spring break, but i ended up working for my aunt's estate sale business..... and boy is that hard work. this sale in particular was really maniacal. BUT, i did find some really awesome things:

pretty, right? i'm totally in love with anything that's 1) green, and 2) floral. someday at my estate sale, they're gonna talk about the crazy old lady with all the green floral things. which is fine by me. 

i also found this super cute japanese tea set (a set in japan is 5, by the way, not 4 or 6) that i also love:

it even comes with matching spoons! kyaaaaaa~ (that's how you scream excitement in japanese, by the way. haha. kind of like "yaaaay" or "woohoo~!" now you know).

i don't really have a collection of tea cups (not yet, anyway), but i really love them. my mom has always collected tea cups, and i think there's something so fun about an assortment of random, mismatched ones. 

now coffee cups, i do have. and yes, they're all green and/or floral. maybe i'll show some pics of those tomorrow.

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