Thursday, March 11, 2010


i did it! i sooo wasn't expecting them to turn out well at all, and although they're not perfect, they're not that bad either! not to mention tasty:


took my "lovely" macarons to the book shop with me today to read tons of magazines. they go great with this cinnamon dolce latte.... mmmm.

so proud of myself, i can hardly stand it. after doing some reading on the internet (after my first attempt totally failed), i discovered some tricks. first, you have to use fresh eggs. second, the temperature of the eggs is very important. it needs to be cold when you're separated the whites from the yolk, then let it sit until the egg whites are room temperature to whip them into a meringue. it totally helped! oh yeah, and i filled them with my own caramel frosting.

ok, i know they're oddly shaped, but that i will work on next time. also, i totally ODed on the sugar, but that just gives me more incentive to try baking them again. i'm convinced that next time they'll turn out even better. 

what a great day yesterday. it was my first official lazy day of spring break. so to celebrate, i watched 3 so-cheesy-they're-hilarious mary-kate & ashley movies, taking breaks to work on my macarons, and invented the most delicious pasta dish for supper. i'm really enjoying this lazy college student thing, and i'll miss it after i graduate and become a real adult.... sigh.

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