Wednesday, March 3, 2010

new acquisition: ditsy floral cardigan

as i mentioned a couple of days ago, i had that beautiful yellow cardigan with dainty red flowers in my clutches (down from $29.99 to $9.99, no less!), when urban outfitters crapped out on me.  boo. it's ok, maybe i'll still try and purchase something from their website someday.

well, i think what i purchased i like even better! it's from ruche, and this was the first time i'd ever bought from them before. but i seriously love their vintage feel. it's great. and pretty affordable too, if i'm careful with my spending.

just to review, here's what i almost bought:

and here's what i really did buy:


open cardigan: ruche ($26.99 + s/h)
t-shirt: target circa 2006
pants: gap circa.... 2002?? (clearly i haven't changed sizes or grown any since i was 12)
boots: charlotte russe

i really like the tiny flower pattern.... and i like that it has green in it, so i can wear it with my favorite color. plus i think i can mix this with a lot of my patterned and floral clothes. sweet.

this is what i wore to play practice the other night. it was great because it's rayon and therefore very comfortable. i'm looking forward to being an old lady, because i wanna be known as the crazy lady who only wears 100% rayon. seriously, it feels great.

oh, and if you wanna see how i did my hair, click here.

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