Friday, March 5, 2010

reflections of a first-time macaron taster!

last night was date night with my husband. i picked this week, and of course i picked a macaron taste-fest! we went to provence breads and bakery in hillsboro village (nashville). i was sooo excited from the reviews i'd read online. unfortunately, we got there about 5 min. before they were closing! eep. who closes at 7?? oh well. so we got 1 of each 5 flavors of macarons that they had to go. i was a little bummed, because the ambiance looked so nice, and we had to take our macarons and scoot... but oh well. daniel said we can go back this weekend maybe. but back to the macarons....

aren't they beautiful? of course i was drawn to the green one.... if i ever write a memoir someday (about what, i don't know), it would be called, "i want the green one." ha. well we took our lovely box of macarons (hidden in my purse!) across the street to a different coffee shop, and stealthily ate them there. i had mine with a hot white chocolate drink, which was perfect.

let me just say that the staff at provence was so nice, even though we happened to be those annoying customers who sashay in right before closing time. the cashier even said he liked my hat. i said, "hey thanks, it was my grandma's!" and he said (in an awesome accent, no less), "see, that's why! i just love old things." me too, mr. provence cashier, me too.

p.s. my grandma really liked birds and butterflies! i'm also named after her (katherine, even though i go by katie). kinda cool.

hat: vintage, passed down from my grandma
green shirt: gap, again circa 2002 (can you tell i went through a gap phase in my early teens??)
crochet top: cheap shop in tokyo- 2006
jeans: d jeans via goodwill ($7, yo!)
shoes: steve madden via ross

so, i know you guys are getting sick of macarons by now, but i really loved them! they tasted just like i thought they would (and seriously, that rarely happens). they were crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside. my favorites were the green one (big surprise) and the lighter pink one. daniel thinks it was cherry flavored, and i think it was raspberry. what we do know is that it was amazing. the filling tasted like yummy pie filling. i love it! the green one just tasted like sugar and almonds, which is ok by me. the dark red one- surprisingly really spicy! i think it was the cinnamon. daniel hated it, but i kinda liked it.

a couple of things i've learned about macarons- the shell doesn't really have that much flavor. it's the filling that makes it taste interesting. the other thing- they go awesome with coffee! mmmmm......

i really thought this date night would get macarons out of my system, but now i just want them even more. i think with the rest of my money this month, i'm gonna buy this book:
i <3 macarons- $14.95 at urban outfitters  

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