Saturday, March 13, 2010

inspiration: trekker style

this is a trend that ran in this month's issue of instyle. when i was chowing down on macarons and cinnamon dolce lattes at the bookstore the other day, i flipped through several magazines, and this "spread" totally jumped out at me. i say "spread" because it was only like 1 page. but oh well, i really like the concept.

without further ado...

~the trekker trend~

from instyle:

This fascinating yet daunting amalgam of safari, global, hobo, ethnic, eco and military elements incorporates homages to Japan, Peru, Morocco and India, as well as trends like softness and exotic prints. The result is a highly individualized riff on casual clothing.

Like the image it projects, the trekker look revels in a sense of adventure and risk. We see it as weekend/vacation wear (although bright beads or a patterned bag could enliven a suit or work separates). If you’re more intrigued than committed to joining the caravan, use khaki tones or camouflage prints as a base and add one or two hot shots of sun-drenched color.
i like to think of this as an updated hippie-bohemian style. like a cross between boho and a sophisticated world-traveler. it's no shock that i would like this, because i'm a huge fan of mary-kate and ashley's style from a few years ago. here are some other pics that i think fit right in:

all pics above: kenzo spring 2011

i love how kenzo added menswear-inspired hats and blazers to up the chic factor a little bit.

boy by band out outsiders 

jane from seaofshoes

hermes ad

teen vogue

what do you think? tired by the boho trend? i, for one, love it. makes me want to wander around some little towns and see what i can discover.

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