Wednesday, March 10, 2010

operation make sister-in-law jealous: day 1

i knew i was going to see my sister-in-law at school on monday for a special conference we were holding, and i needed to feel confident. you see, she's one of those one-uppers. you know what i mean. the other day she found out i got the lead part in the musical and she said, "oh, i think i've had the main part in every play i've ever been in too. in 1st grade, i was minnie mouse." what the heck am i supposed to say to ridiculousness like that? i have no idea. she either doesn't think before she talks, or she's completely threatened by me. i haven't decided yet.

so what are you supposed to do around someone who's always trying to compete with you and recently got a very short haircut? why, rock the long hair, of course! oh, and wear a pretty dress.
dress- ? from tokyo
skirt- forever21 a couple of months ago
purple snakeskin shoes- ? from goodwill

i don't know if i succeeded or not, but i at least liked the way it turned out. the dress, as you can see, is actually a short dress over a skirt. like i said, my clothes have to be at least knee-length. but together i think it ended up looking awesome and vintage.

i know, i know. gotta lay off of the layering skirts thing. but it's just so convenient.

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