Tuesday, March 16, 2010

operation make sister-in-law jealous: day 2

this is what i chose to wear to my husband's great-great-uncle's visitation yesterday.... i know i'm not supposed to be worried about impressing someone at such an occasion, but i knew i was going to see a bunch of my husband's family members who i haven't met before, and i wanted to feel confident. i also knew i couldn't wear anything too crazy. this is what i finally settled on:

houndstooth jacket: tokyo (my super fashionable mom bought it for me!)
pants: gap circa 2003.... again
shoes: goodwill
black shirt (below): hand-me-up from my 15-year-old sister
turquoise necklace (below): gift from my mom
silver key necklace (below): christmas gift from my husband via walmart

i added a tiny turquoise necklace because i really don't like wearing all black. my outfit needed a little bit of optimism.

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